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Small Group Skill Development Program

Take What's Yours This Off-Season

The specific schedule of our skill development sessions was initially  determined based on avoiding the high conflict times and days of our registered participants. As is a theme for our program this off-season, we want to be flexible to our baseball/softball families in hopes we can be the place they continue to improve.

We are currently set to offer skill development sessions on Wednesday mornings and Sunday evenings. See more details below.



Our intention is to offer a development opportunity that players attend once or twice per week, in conjunction with our 3v3 League, and also potentially our Summer Team practice.


More than one option is available each week in order to give each family the flexibility to plan around other activities. Families can pay for unlimited access to register for sessions (could be great for players hoping to attend more than once per week), or one of our various packages of sessions, including 12, 8, 6, and 4. Families can also try us out with the purchase of a single session. 

Each session lasts 45-minutes and is designed to focus on individual player development through the lens of small group games and drills. 

While our sessions are split up between two different levels in an attempt to get players in a best-fit competitive setting, each individual session is catered specifically to the individuals signed up for the group that day. 


Designed for lower elementary (generally K-3) kids who could be completely new to basketball, or have started in the past couple of years and would best benefit from the most entry-level introduction possible.


Designed for a mix of upper elementary and middle school (generally 4-7) kids who've already gained a fair amount of competitive experience

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